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Traffic Violations                                                    

Traffic infractions may not sound as serious as other types of crimes but they can affect your driving privileges, ability to earn a living, car insurance rates and your capacity to travel freely and confidently throughout New York State.

In New York State, traffic offenses can be a violation, a misdemeanor and in some instances a felony.  You could end up with a criminal record simply by pleading guilty to a traffic ticket.  No one should plead guilty to a ticket without consulting an attorney knowledgeable in vehicle & traffic law. Let our experience with police and court procedures help to protect your license, livelihood and best interests.

For most traffic tickets, an attorney from our firm can appear in court on your behalf.  In fact, many courts will allow us to resolve your case without you coming to court, saving you time, money and in most instances points on your license by dismissing your tickets at DMV hearings and help to keep your insurance rates low and prevent your license from being suspended. For Long Island and upstate traffic tickets, our attorneys can often amend speeding tickets down to other non-moving violations such as a parking ticket or other no-point violation. Our office has successfully defended a large variety of vehicle and traffic law related offenses ranging from simple violations and misdemeanors to felonies. Our office has vast experience in handling VTL matters such as:

*A drivers responsibility assessment fee occurs when you accumulate 6 points within any 18 month period. This means that you will have to pay a $100 fee once a year for three years to the DMV plus $25 for each additional point accumulated after the initial 6 points for three years.

If you accumulate 11 points in New York within any 18 month period the New York DMV can revoke or suspend your driving privileges. Points are assessed from the date of the offense, not the date of conviction which is different from some other states. In addition to this, if you receive three speeding violations within 18 months your license will automatically be suspended even if your total point count is less than 11 points.