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Building Violations

The NYC Construction Codes require owners to build and maintain their properties in safe condition. An Environmental Control Board (ECB) violation is issued by the Department of Buildings when property or construction doesn’t comply with the Construction Codes, NYC Zoning Resolution and other applicable law and rules.

Illegal Conversion Violations
The typical illegal conversion violation is where an apartment is added in the basement, attic or garage without first obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from the NYC Department of Buildings. Other examples of illegal conversions are creating a rooming house (known as a Single Room Occupancy or SRO) or dividing an apartment into individual SRO units.

An illegal conversion can be corrected by obtaining necessary permits to remove the unauthorized fixtures or may be corrected by obtaining the necessary approvals and permits to make the construction legal.

For an illegal conversion, DOB inspectors usually issue homeowners with 2 kinds of violations. “Work without Permit violation (class 1)” and “Residence Altered violation (class 2)”, or the third violation “Occupancy Contrary Violation (class 1)” depends on inspector’s mood. For work without permit violations, you must pay additional DOB civil penalties ($520 if the building is 1 or 2 family house, or $5000 if the building is 3 family or more) before obtaining necessary permit to resolve your violations.  

There are three classes of Department of Buildings’ ECB Violations: Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous), Class 2 (Major) and Class 3 (Lesser). If you receive a Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous) violation, you must immediately correct the violating condition and certify correction. Failure to certify correction will result in the issuance of a DOB violation with additional $1,500 civil penalty. The civil penalty is in addition to penalties assessed by ECB Court

Immediately Hazardous Illegal Conversion Violations
If 1 or 2 family house is converted to 4 or more family house, you are facing imposition of additional daily penalties ($1,000/day from the date the violation is issued). We encourage you to look for our professional help to certify correction as soon as possible because $1000 per day penalty will be added even for weekends and holidays.

Other Violations

·        Curb Cut Violations

·        Deck, Canopy, Carport Violations

·        Illegal Parking Violations

·        Fence Violations

·        Front / Rear yard Concrete Pad Violations

·        Garage door removed and replaced with a wall

·        Plumbing Violations

Civil Penalty (for 3 or more family properties)
Civil penalties are fines imposed for performing work without a valid permit issued by the Department of Buildings. This policy was enforced in July 2007. Three-or-more-family properties are required to pay a five thousand ($5,000) in civil penalty prior to obtaining a permit for correction. The civil penalty is in addition to any fines that might be associated with building violations. More details about the civil penalty can be found on DOB website.

We, as well as most owners, are against this policy. We believe this policy is unjust and unfair to the majority of home owners who own three-or-more-family properties. Ticket Busters is seeking ways to stop this, but before DOB drops this policy, the only solution for this problem is to fight it in court. We have successfully gotten DOB to waive civil penalties for hundreds of home owners. So before you hand in your civil penalty, calling us would be a good choice.

Ticket Busters Inc.
We are one of the premier building violation consulting firms and provides a full range of building professionals, including engineers, architects, licensed master plumbers, licensed electricians and expeditors. We can provide you with blueprints, permits, violation removal, vacate order removal, certificate of correction and court representation. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the remedy to your violations.


*References are available upon request