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Lead-Paint Violations

Lead-based paint is hazardous to your health
Lead is a poison often found in old paint. Peeling lead paint is the most common cause of lead poisoning in young children. Lead dust from peeling paint can land on window sills, floors, and toys. When children play on the floor and put their hands and toys in their mouths, they can swallow lead dust.

In children, lead poisoning can cause irreversible brain damage and can impair mental functioning. It can retard mental and physical development and reduce attention span. It can also retard fetal development even at extremely low levels of lead.

In adults, it can cause irritability, poor muscle coordination, and nerve damage to the sense organs and nerves controlling the body. Lead poisoning may also cause problems with reproduction (such as a decreased sperm count). It may also increase blood pressure. Thus, young children, fetuses, infants, and adults with high blood pressure are the most vulnerable to the effects of lead.

What Are Lead Paint Hazards?

·        Dust from lead Paint

·        Peeling or damaged lead paint

·        Lead paint on

- Crumbing plaster or rotted wood

- Doors and windows that stick or rub together

- Window sills and any other surfaces that have been chewed on by children


Ticket Busters Inc.

Ticket Busters Inc. is also an EPA certified and licensed firm qualified to conduct lead-based paint in New York State. We have over 20 years of combined experience and helped hundreds of landlords to comply with HPD and Dept. of Health lead paint violations. We offer free onsite consultation and estimate services with flexible scheduling (including weekends).


*References are available upon request